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Geri E. Boyer, PE

President & Founder


Matt Jackson

Bohdi is a Golden Retriever whose hobbies include ripping up clumps of grass in his yard, sneaking tomatoes from the garden, and playing tug of war.  He loves learning new tricks and snuggling after a long day.  As you can tell by the picture, Bohdi also enjoys sipping pumpkin spice lattes and roaming the aisles of Target.


Max Gauthier
Ole (oh-lee), born in November 2021, is a sweet little Cavapoochon. He is perfectly content cuddling on laps, although he likes to play a couple times a day. He’s great with kiddos and likes to eat snow, but quickly shivers and whines to go back inside. As a Minnesota pup, he will figure out winter sooner than later!



Evie loves barking at all neighbors, bicyclists, runners, and walkers. She does not discriminate. They all bother her equally.


Brody is a golden doodle. He loves cats and to run free, but also likes to be lazy most of the day and take naps on the couch. Absolutely hates baths, swimming, etc. Brody would much rather enjoy any human food rather than eat his food or treats.


Tucker is a Catahoula mix. He is much more active than Brody and loves being outside chasing bugs or birds. He also loves to play with his toys and in the water.



Lily is a dachshund rescued in 2016. She loves to cuddle, bark, and pretend that she’s a cat.



Thatcher, is a mini goldendoodle. He was rescued thru Another Chance for Animals after the puppy mill he came from was shutdown. He loves to camp with his family, protect the backyard, and play with River.


Walter is a Merle Great Dane. He is a lover and very smart. He’s little now, but will tower over his office mates, Maggie and Leonard, soon enough. Walter has aspirations of being the perfect lake dog.


Michael Williamson

Ranger is a German Shorthair Pointer that enjoys spending his days outside, running, or watching birds and squirrels that enter his yard.

Odin & Mila


Odin is a three-month-old East German Shepherd. Odin is also known as the family’s alligator because he loves to chew on things! His older sister Mila is a six-year-old Dutch Shepherd. She’s a sweet, mellow girl who loves attention!


Kaitlyn Peterson

Kona is a pitbull who loves chewing up sticks, ripping her toys apart, going on hikes, and running to the fridge when she hears the ice maker in hopes of snagging an ice cube to munch on. She can be quite the crackhead but also has her moments of being the sweetest girl that loves cuddles and giving hugs!


Jeff Heimer
Moxie is a Weimaraner that enjoys barking at any cars that dare drive by the house, catching frisbees, and pretending to be a lap dog – and you cannot tell her that she isn’t!


Thaismara Garcia

Sven is a chihuahua mix born in 2015. He is super spoiled and always makes sure he has a human to pamper him. He loves running, picking fights with bigger dogs, and have play time with his favorite teddy bear. Curiously, Sven enjoys wearing clothes.  He even kind of dresses himself with a little help.



Skya is an “All American” mix: Collie, German Shephard, Golden Retriever, and a little something else. She was adopted in 2017. Her favorite things include herding her kids, barking at the mail truck, and being near her boy. She is the biggest lap dog around!


Finn is a Great Pyrenees/Lab mix and his favorite thing to do is swim – whether it’s in the river, lake, pool, or just a good ole mud hole!


Andrew Garrett

Clyde is a lab-hound mix who loves to hunt and chase local wildlife. When he needs to rest, he likes to sunbathe in the yard. In the summer he enjoys feeling the wind in his ears on boat rides.


James is a black lab/weimaraner mix.  His hobbies include camping, swimming, digging holes in the back yard, chasing the cat, and getting his leash out when he wants a walk. James likes to lounge in his favorite beanbag chair while his Mom is working.


April Hicks

Juniper, or Junie for short, is a boxer-mix adopted back in 2013. She is sweet and loveable but is also a diva who doesn’t like to play or be outside very long. She thinks the couch is just for her! Junie loves belly rubs, staying the night at Grandma’s, and affection from her two human sisters (and any other person that comes for a visit)!



Winnie (Winifred) is a super mutt we adopted in 2016 after she was surrendered to a rescue at 6 months old. Her favorite things are food, frisbees, and snuggling (in that order). She is a great copilot, and loves to accompany us on road trips, motorcycle tracks, and hiking trails.

Moo Moo


Moo Moo, also known as Moo Girl, Moo Baby, and Pretty Girl, is a mini goldendoodle. She loves food, being around people, and cuddling with mom. 


Michael Williamson

Nessie is a rescue. A mix between Carin Terrier and Border Terrier. She spends her days guarding the house and playing with the kids.


Debra Roe



Oona is “the puppy” of the family because she is so little and playful. She loves to be in on all the action and wants everyone to be happy (she howls whenever the baby cries so someone will help him). She also loves a good snuggle and sleeping under Jennifer’s desk.


Sorin is a wild child whose all in no matter what she is doing – she’s a big cuddler in the morning and a tug-of-war beast at night.  Her idea of retrieving is a game of keep away. She loves to chase squirrels and bunnies in the backyard and lets us know when the neighbors are backing out of their driveways or an Amazon delivery has just arrived!  She loves going for car rides but treats them like a kid on a roller coaster- she can’t wait to get in the car but then barks like crazy during the entire ride.  She’s sweet, and smart and funny and we love hanging out with her as much as possible… and can’t remember what life was like in those pre-Sorin days!!


Becca Boyer
Leonard (Lenny) is a purebred golden lab. His hobbies include bugging his big sister Maggie, roaming the office for treats, and sleeping. Lenny is a lake dog at heart and loves spending his weekends at Donze Lake with his family. He is our cutest office greeter in Belleville (shhh…don’t tell Maggie we said that), and we are so excited to have him on the team.


Sarah Wells
Annie is a pandemic puppy, born in the Fall of 2020. Her rescuers at Partners for Pets assumed she was a boxer mix, but she’s all love no matter what breed. Annie loves playing in the sprinkler, giving LOTS of kisses, and being outside enjoying the sunshine. She is always game for some fetch or hide-and-seek with her kids, Ben and Shelby. She is a 60-lb “lap dog” and spends her evenings snuggled on the couch with Mom. We love her to pieces!



River is beagle mix that was adopted from Vanderburgh Human Society in 2019 as part of KEG’s Anniversary week celebration where we were encouraged to volunteer or donate to a local animal shelter. He loves camping, playing with kids, and laying in the sun. His hobbies include “protecting” the backyard from squirrels and birds!


Maggie is a high-energy Staffordshire Terrier/Hunting Dog mix that was adopted from the shelter in 2017. She loves regular trips to play in the woods. She works full-time guarding the Belleville office, but was almost fired her first month after electrocuting herself while unplugging some conference room equipment.

Maggie & Leo


Maggie is a 6 year old half Weimaraner, half Australian Sheppard mix.  She is a smart, energetic, and fun-loving dog who enjoys chasing squirrels and large flying insects (like bees and horse flies).  She likes to shake hands for treats, wrestle and chase her human brothers, and go for walks.  Leo is an 11-year-old Goldendoodle who was a perfect fit for the Masterson family late in his life. He is full of energy and love, and is a total sweetie to anyone he meets.

Charlie & Luna

Seth Graber
Charlie and Luna are a mother and son duo. They are attached at the hip and wherever one is, the other isn’t far behind. Their hobbies include barking at the woods all night long and swimming/catching fish in the pond behind the house. 



Moose is a goldendoodle who loves barking at everything and laying on top of his humans. Walks are his favorite thing in the whole world!

Tito, Louie & Savannah

Tito is a purebred Great Dane. He is seen here as a 7-month-old puppy. Louie is a Boxer around two years old. Savannah, a pitbull, is about to turn five. Each member of the trio is so different yet loving toward one another. They are always finding ways to make life a blast!

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